We help Franchisors and franchisees identify and execute actionable activities and behaviours that drive progress on their next-level growth opportunities. We do this through:

  1. Selling books in bulk orders to franchisors for distributing to their franchisees
  2. Presenting keynote addresses at annual franchisor and industry conferences
  3. Facilitating impactful franchisee workshops and breakout sessions
  4. Facilitating performance-focused mastermind group sessions to smaller franchisee groups, three to four times per year
  5. strategic consulting with franchisors to drive measurable improvement in their franchisees’ businesses.


All keynotes are customized to the needs of the franchisor and franchisee audiences. In-person sessions are recommended; hybrid and virtual sessions are negotiable.


Keynote Addresses: 

As a seasoned multi-unit franchisee, Gary is highly relatable to your franchisees and truly understands their opportunities, challenges and issues. He will work with you to customize your live, hybrid or virtual presentations to be relevant and engaging. Keynote sessions will cover a combination of the 7 Drivers of The Unstoppable Franchisee book, (two to three recommended) depending on length of session. The seven drivers are:


  1. Grow a next-Level Mindset
  2. Grow Your Awareness
  3. Grow Your Operational Management Skills
  4. Grow Your People, and Your Leadership Skills
  5. Master The System
  6. Grow Your Interdependence
  7. Measure Success – Cultivating the Neural Network of Your Business


A keynote session might also include insights from Part II of the book: Engaging Your Growth Helix


The Growth Helix is a core component of The Unstoppable Franchisee book; it is a concept never seen before so this creates both mystery and curiosity.  This session shows franchisees how to jump onto their own growth helix and begin driving next-level growth as soon as they return back to their businesses.


Workshops and Breakout Sessions:

For single-unit franchisees and/or multi-unit franchisees and their managers, these growth sessions are typically a deeper exploration of specific drivers that are of primary relevance to the issues, opportunities and challenges that franchisees face. The exercises and interactive discussions ensure that upon return to their businesses, the attendees are able to immediately begin implementing what they’ve learned.


All workshops and breakout sessions are customized to the needs of the franchisor and franchisee audiences. In-person sessions are recommended; hybrid and virtual sessions are available.


In addition to the workshops offered based on The Unstoppable Franchisee book, the Gary Prenevost offers an additional workshop:


Building For Maximum Exit Value

A popular conference breakout workshop for more tenured franchisees is focused on getting ready for resale; it’s recommended though that all franchisees should be mindful of this important topic.

Selling their business is a natural part of the franchisee life cycle; it is a strategy the franchisee should embrace instead of being embarrassed about “wanting out”. Having a focus on exit value should be left until the owner is near the end of their tenure and decides it’s time to sell. Instead, building for maximum exit value should be focused on from the early months of their franchise ownership journey, because this enables the franchisee to build a strong operating foundation, a strong team, and strong financial performance. Doing so also enables the franchisee to more rapidly achieve the state of executive owner, where they are able to remain focused working “on” their business instead of “in” it.


This session will identify what franchisees need to focus on, now, to drive peak value when they want to exit several years from now. They will also learn the immediate and ongoing benefits of building now for future sale, including but not limited to:

  • Optimum work-life balance because the team is running the day-to-day operations
  • Peace of mind that the business is not solely upon the owner
  • Increased revenues because more time is available to focus on growth
  • improving profit margins by improving operating efficiencies, managing KPIs and expenses
  • A stronger business value multiplying effect due to a combination of the above.

Attendees will understand how the market values existing businesses, and what buyers look for; they’ll learn:

  • the timeline and why it often takes up to two years to get the business ready to sell at maximum value.
  • What the 10 to 12 core value drivers are,

What Value detractors can influence sub-optimal value.