Thank you for purchasing my book, you’ve either finished reading and have scanned the QR code for this playbook, or jumped to the QR code page to get this playbook and immediately begin using it as you progress through each chapter… either is ok.

The Unstoppable Franchisee accompanying playbook is a PDF-fillable playbook includes every exercise from the book, thus becoming a repository for all of the learnings and reflections, while enabling fast transferring and ongoing referencing of the ideas and principles into measurable, sustainable action.

The potency of this playbook comes alive when you make it yours. Personalize it. Because there’s no specific order that you must proceed in, you’ll want to start with your most immediate priority area, regardless of which of the 7 drivers that might be. It is designed to be used over and over again. As you gain proficiency and begin to master one area, new opportunities and choke points emerge, so use this playbook as an ongoing reference that you and your key team members can continue to use for the lifespan of your business.

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