Keynote Presentations and Workshops

Gary Prenevost recently gave a keynote speech at our annual Dream, Believe, Achieve Convention in Orlando Florida. He did a fantastic job providing engaging and relevant content to our franchisee community.
From a franchisor perspective the keynote was especially important because Gary has a deep understanding of the numerous complex franchisor and franchisee issues and as a result he was able to emphasize the key messages important to a franchisor.
I was also very impressed with how Gary engaged with all the attendees. He didn’t do his keynote and disappear, rather he actively participated in the event which demonstrated to our franchisees how committed he is to the industry and their success.
His talk was highly rated by the participants and they left inspired with practical action steps to apply in their businesses as soon as they got home. Last week I was meeting with a franchisee in the UK and he commented to me specifically on how impactful Gary’s presentation was in Orlando and how it changed how he looks at his business and personal performance.

Outstanding! Highly recommend Gary for Conference presentations.

Frank Milner
CEO, Tutor Doctor


Gary has a deep knowledge and understanding of selling a business built on his 30+ years in franchising. It is enhanced by the many smart people and industry leaders that he has met along the way; he is a good listener and relates very well with our franchisees. We found that his presentation style was credible and motivated people to act, build better businesses and land on better outcomes. We highly recommend Gary to franchisors as a presenter for workshops and for annual conferences; we look forward to continuing working with Gary.

David Barron
GM, Franchise M&A and Resale
CertaPro Painters

Book Testimonials

The Unstoppable Franchisee is a must-read for every franchisee or franchisor looking to further enhance and improve the success of their franchisees. Prenevost has codified and simplified the pathway to next-level growth and profitability. Each of the 7 drivers that he has uncovered and explains is a growth catalyst on its own; combined, they enable the franchisee to unleash an exponential and sustainable growth dynamic in their business.

“This book truly is a must-read for anyone interested in taking their business to the next level, the next, and then the next! Implementing what you learn in this book will transform your business!”

Catherine Monson,
CEO of Propelled Brands
Past-Chair, International Franchise Association


“I really enjoyed reading Gary’s book. It’s different because the focus is on franchising. Looking at it from a franchisor’s point of view, certain paragraphs raised questions of someone’s motivation and why it’s so important. It may not be common knowledge, but there is a definite order to how our feelings and actions are set in motion. It is our thinking that forms our feelings, and our feelings that drive our will. The point here is that with every feeling that we need, a change cannot move forward without learning something new.

“The purpose of this franchise book is to offer something that empowers you to make informed and educated decisions for your next chapter of your business. This book is the result of decades of franchising experience and its express goal is to present you with a comprehensive view of the elements that affect your decision-making process. You will find the essential facts that you need to consider so you can navigate your own way, guided by your priorities and goals. It is also meant as a support for you to share with others, and provide structure for the most important conversations you will have with the significant people in your life who want to supportively engage with you in your decision-making process; Gary’s book illustrates that.

“From a franchisor’s point of view, I wish this book was available when we were building JAN-PRO, because we would have had a clearer path to reach our goals much sooner. Now, I’m in the process of franchising Southern Steer Butcher [a gourmet butcher shop] and will be recommending this book to everyone I speak to because this is the best book ever written on franchising; it’s a must-read for franchisees, franchisors, and those considering franchise ownership.”

Jack Lapointe, 
JAN_PRO Founder
Southern Steer Managing Partner


“Hands down one of the best books ever written on franchising. Prenevost delivers a masterclass in franchisee best practices that will not only improve your profits as a franchisee, but will enable you to flourish as a leader, community member and business owner.  And as a franchisor, what can be more valuable than increasing the success of your franchisees?  Gary’s book is the answer.  It will educate and inspire your franchisees to be all they can be!”

Dan Monaghan, 
Founder, Clear Summit Group
Chair, IFA Foundation


“Gary elegantly captures the essence of what it takes to build (or reinvigorate) a strong franchise business. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to help take your business to the next level, this is it. What’s most powerful is that all the steps really build on each other to create an even more valuable playbook. I also found it both encouraging and enlightening to hear from so many accomplished franchisees.

“One theme that was repeated over and over by these skilled practitioners of franchising— the drive for continuous improvement in itself raises your game. Top performers never get comfortable and never stop learning, and are always try to keep fresh eyes on their business— like it’s brand new, every day.”

Alicia Miller,
Managing Director of Emergent Growth Advisors

Alicia‘s company is a boutique strategic advisory firm with deep expertise in franchising. She works with founders, franchisors, family offices and private equity clients to accelerate brands while ensuring business longevity.


“Every franchisor and franchisee needs to read this book.

  • The book really clarifies and illustrates the interconnectivity and difference in responsibilities between the franchisor and franchisee from both perspectives.
  • This is a quintessential read on mastering the dynamics of the franchisor/ franchisee relationship, while providing key direction on how to get to the next level with your franchise business.
  • As a relatively new multiple-unit franchisee, the book really helped me focus and concentrate on my key opportunities and how to keep moving forward on the right path, while balancing my work-personal life needs. I easily related to the different stages of franchise ownership and what I need to do to grow to the next level.”

Russell Grant,
Regis Salons multi-unit holder (8 units)


“Gary has masterfully managed to garner all the firepower to be successful in franchising in one book. He not only shares important processes of top producers, but most importantly shares the winning mindset that is so critical to success in the franchising industry. This is a must-have desk reference resource for anyone who is in the business of franchising or considering it as a profession.”

Angela Brown, 
CEO, Empowering Actions for Leaders
Multi-Franchise Owner, Blo Blow Dry Bar



Thank you so much for gifting me your book. I am just over half way through it and I am convinced that this is the most impactful and meaningful take on what it means to be a TPF. It’s a mindset – and you’ve nailed it.

My whole team and all of my franchisees must have this book! “

John Evans
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
EverLine Franchising Ltd.

(John proceeded to place a substantial bulk order for all of his franchisees and everyone on his head-office team.)


“I’ve known Gary for 18 years now. It was through his guidance and expertise that I started my journey into Franchising. For him to put his knowledge and that of many industry leaders into one book, well, it’s a must read. You won’t regret it, nor have I.”

Colin Bates
President & Owner:
JAN-PRO Central Ontario
JAN-PRO Durham
JAN-PRO Hamilton/Halton/Niagara,
Vice President – Ontario, JAN-PRO of Canada